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Inaugurated 1923


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The Premier Final will be held on Good Friday, 15th April 2022 - kick off at 10.30am

The Junior Final will be held on Wednesday 20th April 2022 - kick off at 7.30pm

At the end of the 2017/18 season disbursements of £100 were made to both Premier Finalists and £50 to both Junior Finalists
Disbursements are paid at the discretion of the Management Committee

Both Finals will be held at Burnham Football Club.

Admission £4.00
Concessions £2.00

We are interested in hearing from anyone willing to write a fair and even match report for the Semi-Finals and the Finals, please contact us if you would like to volunteer!

We would also like to appeal for photographs from Semi-Finals and Finals for use on the web site.

MWS Logo Our thanks to Motor Wheel Service International Limited in Langley for sponsoring the printing of the programmes for both finals.

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Premier Section

Langley 1 v 4 Thame Rangers
Chalvey WMC 0 v 2 Langley
Langley 1 v 2 Singh Sabha Slough
Slough Heating Laurencians   v   Chalvey Sports
Not played due to Covid-19, Trophy to be shared between Finalists
No Competition due to Covid-19

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Junior Section

Richings Park Res 1 v 1 Slough Heating Res AET
Richings Park Res 4 v 2 Slough Heating Res Penalties
Reading YMCA Rockets 1 v 7 Richings Park Res  
FC Deportivo Galica Res 6 v 1 Richings Park Res
Competition void due to Covid-19
No Competition due to Covid-19

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  Premier Section
The Slough Town Cup Premier Trophy was presented by Slough Football Club in 1923
Junior Section
Trophy was presented to the Competition in 1929 by Councillor Edward T. Bowyer JP CC
1923-24 Maidenhead United Reserves
1924-25 Slough St. Marys
1925-26 Maidenhead United Reserves
1926-27 Farnham United
1927-28 Burnham
1928-29 St. Helens Cable
1929-30 St. Helens Cable Cippenham
1930-31 Gradwells Eton Victoria Reserves
1931-32 Langley North Star Eton Victoria Reserves
1932-33 St. Helens Cable Electric Sports and Horton Joint
1933-34 Windsor Imperial Eton Victoria Reserves
1934-35 Windsor Imperial Burnham Reserves
1935-36 Burnham Burnham Reserves
1936-37 Burnham Slough Albion Reserves
1937-38 Farnham United Cliveden Estate
1938-39 Slough Albion McMichaels
1945-46 Windsor and Eton Reserves
1946-47 Slough United Reserves Pasolds Sports
1947-48 Stoke Rovers Slough Youth Club Old Boys
1948-49 Burnham Wexham Road
1949-50 Slough Centre Reserves St. Helens and Vendeep Sports
1950-51 Burnham High Duty Alloys
1951-52 Windsor Swifts Stoke Rovers Reserves
1952-53 Eton Wick Flexello United
1953-54 Windsor Swifts Cippenham Reserves
1954-55 Slough Youth Club Old Boys Chalvey Reserves
1955-56 Chalvey Dedworth
1956-57 Stoke Rovers Slough Casuals
1957-58 Stoke Rovers Slough Casuals
1958-59 Burnham Aspro
1959-60 Burnham Black Horse
1960-61 Slough Youth Club Old Boys Coopers Sports Reserves
1961-62 Burnham Horlicks
1962-63 Coopers Sports Coopers Sports Reserves
1963-64 Coopers Sports Spital Old Boys Reserves
1964-65 Coopers Sports Coopers Sports Reserves
1965-66 Wraysbury Intertype
1966-67 Iver Slough Swift
1967-68 Iver Britwell Old Boys
1968-69 Eton Wick Britwell Ex-Servicemen
1969-70 Burnham Burnham Reserves
1970-71 Cippenham Three R's Reserves
1971-72 Iver Upton Reserves
1972-73 Iver Crusaders
1973-74 Spital Old Boys Langley Village Club
1974-75 F. H. Downs P. B. Cow Reserves
1975-76 F. H. Downs Weatherfoil
1976-77 Eton Wick F. H. Downs Reserves
1977-78 Wraysbury F. H. Downs Reserves
1978-79 Wraysbury Spital Old Boys Reserves
1979-80 Wraysbury Wraysbury Reserves
1980-81 Coopers Sports Coopers Sports Reserves
1981-82 Phoenix Old Boys Coopers Sports Reserves
1982-83 Iver Stoke Rovers
1983-84 Eton Wick Wraysbury Reserves
1984-85 Britwell Boys Club Hawks Phoenix Old Boys Reserves
1985-86 Eton Wick Cygnets
1986-87 Eton Wick Eton Wick Reserves
1987-88 Britwell Boys Club Hawks Orchard Sports
1988-89 Slough Heating Britwell Boys Club Hawks
1989-90 Slough Irish Society Cippenham Sports Reserves
1990-91 Penn and Tylers Green Cippenham Sports Reserves
1991-92 Eton Wick Slough Youth Club Old Boys Reserves
1992-93 Eton Wick Eton Wick Reserves
1993-94 Slough Irish Society Iver Reserves
1994-95 Old Paludians Wraysbury Reserves
1995-96 Condors '94 Slough Heating Reserves
1996-97 Phoenix Old Boys Iver Heath Rovers Reserves
1997-98 Phoenix Old Boys Phoenix Old Boys Reserves
1998-99 Wraysbury Windsor Great Park
1999-00 Eton Wick Reserves Haymill Youth
2000-01 Vansittart Wanderers Spital Old Boys
2001-02 Iver Heath Rovers Eton Wick Reserves
2002-03 Holland Park Eton Wick Reserves
2003-04 Eton Wick Windsor Cricket Club
2004-05 Spital Old Boys ICI (Slough)
2005-06 Red Lion (Burnham) Foxes
2006-07 Rayners Lane Reserves Iver Heath Rovers
2007-08 Wraysbury Windsor Great Park
2008-09 Wraysbury Alpha Arms Academicals
2009-10 Slough Heating Britwell
2010-11 Iver Slough Laurencians Res.
2011-12 Alpha Arms Academicals Windsor Great Park
2012-13 Orchard Park Rangers Iver Heath Rovers
2013-14 The Lynch Pin Frontline
2014-15 Oakley United FC Beaconsfield Res.
2015-16 FC Thame Rangers Real Saracens
2016-17 Thame Rangers Richings Park Res
2017-18 Langley Richings Park Res
2018-19 Singh Sabha Slough FC Deportivo Galica Res
2019-20 Not played due to Covid-19, Trophy to be shared between Finalists : Slough Heating Laurencians and Chalvey Sports Competition void due to Covid-19
2020-21 No Competition due to Covid-19 No Competition due to Covid-19

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